Beck Protocol


Safe Alternative Health Technology
now available in South Africa


Normally 20 units each are manufactured per production run and kept in stock as the technology is relatively unknown in South Africa. Production quantities will be increased as demand grows. As such, should there be a spike in demand, it might happen that you are placed on a waiting list for the next production run to complete.

I will respond per return email regarding stock levels and to confirm prices. Prices may fluctuate due to import costs and exchange rate influences on certain components. Prices on this webpage will be updated as soon as new production cost is determined.


The Eliminator - Electro-Pulsing Blood Cleanser


For easier use, the Eliminator has the following design enhancements added to the original circuit by Dr Beck:

  • Visual indication to confirm connection to the body

  • Visual indication when the amplitude is adjusted to within the specified range of 50mA - 100mA current flow. (Due to the body's and the skin's variation in sensitivity and conductivity, sensing of the correct level of pulsing amplitude by feeling alone is sometime difficult. This is a helpful function to confirm sufficient current flow)

  • Whilst the functional signal part of the circuitry is based on the original circruitry in exactly duplicates amplitude, frequency and pulse form, additional frequency stabilizing has been implemented to prevent pulse-jitter that was noticeable on the original circuit. (Not critical)

  • Instead of the three 9V batteries connected in series as per original design, this unit can be powered from:

    • DC mains adaptor 2.5V - 24V (included in package)
    • 2 x 1.5V AA-size batteries (NiMH rechargeable or non-chargeable e.g. Duracell, not included)
    • 9V battery (non-chargeable type e.g Duracell, chargeable 9V batteries have very low capacity and will not deliver satisfactory results)

Special notes:

The internal voltage multiplier circuitry can accept input from 2.5V to 24V and will provide a stable 30V DC to power the signal generating circuitry inside the unit irrespective of input voltage. The LED incorporated is a special type that only consumes a few micro-amperes and have no noticeable effect on battery life


50V peak to peak Biphasic square wave pulses
Frequency 3.95Hz +/- 0.5 Hz

Eliminator Blood Pulser

Full set

PRICE R 1950.00

Including delivery
to South African desitinations and within city /town boundaries. No VAT is charged - not registered.


Colloidal Silver Generator


For an even more intensified protocol, the second device in the Beck Protocol namely Colloidal Silver (3-6ppm) can safely be combined with the Blood Cleansing Pulser.

Colloidal Silver have been used as a immune booster with anti-viral and anti-bacterial qualities for decades.

This Colloidal Silver generator comes with 1mA constant current control to ensure the all important microscopic small particles and an auto-shutdown functionality at +/- 6ppm to prevent "over-brewing".

Colloidal Silver (CS) is generated overnight from mineral-free with zero total dissolved Solids water (or alternatively - distilled water). Suitable low-cost water that has been tested with the unit is available from Oasis outlets.

Combined with the Blood Cleanser Pulser, it is theorised that the enhanced positive results achieved that the Blood Cleansing Pulser opens the body cell membranes to easier absorb nutrients and anti-viral substances like Colloidal Silver particles. CS will then penetrate the body cells much easier with amplified results. Bacteria is annihilated by silver particles as can be seen with microscopic camera and video footage proof freely available.

Colloidal Silver Generator
PRICE R 1650.00

Including delivery
to South African desitinations and within city /town boundaries. No VAT is charged - not registered.

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