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Founded on the research, development and breakthroughs
by Dr Robert C. Beck (D.Sc)

The alternative health solutions offered on this webpage are disclosed under constitutional freedom of speech and based on findings and research done by professional medical researchers and the developments by Dr Robert C. Beck. These protocols are offered as experimental, self-help alternatives and no medical claims are made or implied for any specific individual or medical case. Consult your health professional, especially if used in conjunction with prescribed medical treatments!


Dear friend,

On this webpage I would like to introduce you to a life-changing medical breakthrough made in the mid 1990's by Dr Robert Beck.

Based on the original successful research by Dr Kaali and Dr Lymen at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine to treat highly HIV infected blood by means of micro electric DC current. This research resulted in 95% of viruses in the blood being eliminated. Dr Robert C. Beck used this revolutionary information to further develop a non-intrusive approach to achieve the same results.

The documented findings and hundreds of testimonials testify to the effectiveness of this protocol with reported successes in the treatment of Aids (95% success rate), Hepatitis-b (100%), Herpes (50%), Epstein-barr (100%), cancer (95%) and many other health conditions. Testimonials of healings are numerous and you will find links on this webpage to this original information so you can do your own research.

What’s more, I will provide you with this self-help information I have tested and are constantly using for myself and my family since December 2019 - for FREE! You don't have to buy anything I have on offer here, you can construct and implement this breakthrough discovery referred to as The Beck Protocol yourself. Philip Smit

My discovery of the Beck Protocol was an unexpected and amazing spiritual journey for me that started in December 2019. The instructions to leave all other interests and focus on the urgent construction and development of the Eliminator Blood Cleansing Micro-current Pulsing device was very clear. Literal confirmations and events of synchronicity that steared me towards this revelation and "discovery".

The first and most important element of the Beck Protocol a an electronic oscillator circuit revealed by Dr Robert "Bob" Beck with life-changing implications. It is used by thousands world-wide and now open-source information that none of the large health corporations would want you to now about.

The benefits I and many others have already experienced since beginning of 2020 convinced me that this technology should be shared to as many people as possible, especially during these times of "plandemics" and other viral infections.

Why Micro pulse? 

For Your Health & Quality of Life.

You can download the original design information from my downloads page. Should you want to skip on the effort to lay out a PCB circuit, construct, test, calibrate the circuit, manufacture the elastic wrist bands and the stainless steel electrodes that are required, here are the products I developed and can offer to you:

The Eliminator Electro-pulsing Blood Cleanser

Eliminator set
You can buy a very neat, compact and professional unit. The Eliminator Blood-Cleansing Pulser unit device is packaged in a neat, potable, fit-to-function casing with battery compartment so you can carry it around while pulsing and cleaning your blood from parasites, pathagogens, viruses and fungi.

I further improved the user interface and added a few useful functions to the device (see specifications on the order page). It also comes complete with the elastic wrist straps and a DC adaptor.

Silver Colloid Generator with Auto-shutoff
Silver Colloid Generator

The second part of the Beck Protocol is Colloidal Silver.

You can now generate your own Colloidal Silver with the original very easy and simple circuit indicated by Dr Beck (it will require constant monitoring as it is not an automated process), or opt for my unit which incorporates accurate electronic current-limit control at 1mA (to ensure small micro-particle size is maintained for longevity of the activated liquid and to ensure easy absorption into body cells) and an auto-shutdown function at +/- 10-12ppm to prevent over-generation.


See the product page for more info on prices and how to order

pool paint

Does the Beck Protocol really work?


So here I am today as a testimony that I do not have to use all the drugs (yes, I call it drugs) for Rhumatoid arthirits any more. I was admitted in ICU for 3 weeks because of heart failure. It used to be on strong pain medication, high dosage of cortisone, cortisoids, metathrexate injections weekly, malaria meds plus plus plus meds names I cannot even remember. I constantly felt sick and fatigued. One evening Philip and his wife together with my wife and I had dinner together. Philip then introduced me to his pulser. I started using and after a week or two I felt less pains in my joints. I sleep better and overall I feel much better. Today the strongest pain meds I use are Panados, occasionally. Even my diabetis is under control and my last 3 months average reading was 7.1! I don't think anyone can realy understand the inpact this little electronic device had in my life. Thank you again for introdusing the pulser into my life!

Kind regards Johan


I will tell you how this well-tested technology helped my family and friends to treat various conditions, eliminate pain and protected us against colds, flu and other viral infections.

I am over-sixty, I am a relatively healthy individual, accept for a few irritating conditions that never plagued me again since I started "spiking", as many have dubbed this protocol.

During Jan 2020 while still busy testing a first test-circuit I have constructed, I experienced constant pain inside my body continuously for three days (somewhere below my abdomen), supposedly due to gout; I decided to put the prototype unit on my workbench to test - I experienced my first healing with this device within 30 minutes, this condition never returned to this date!

Have you ever heard of stomach pain disappearing within two to three minutes and be gone with it?
That would normally be referred to as a "miracle", won't it? Yet it worked repeatedly like clock-work (at three different occasions wide apart) for my wife using the Eliminator Blood Pulsing device.

Then I noticed that the yearly occurrence of highly inflammatory and itching winter-legs syndrome I suffered on my lower legs during winter months for some years has not returned in 2020 and I am still healed of this condition to this date.

I should also mention that the usual seasonal cold or flu stayed away since 2020 and haven't affected me since!

If you are interested, please read on, it might make the difference between life and death as it has for Dr Bob Beck and many others with terminal conditions, and perhaps myself when I contracted Covid19 during July 2021.

Covid19 ? will this unit help?

VirusMedical research has found that when applied externally to the skin to induce current flow in the main arteries, shocked viruses loose the ability to make an enzyme crucial to their reproduction, their protein membrane and spike protein polarisation is changed so they could no longer attach to immune cells or cause the white cells to clump together — two key signs of virus infection.

In the absence of official and extensive medical trials in this regard, I cannot make any claims but to report the results I and a few others have experienced ourselves.

Given that I was guided by spiritual interference to investigate and construct this unit by Divine inspiration during December 2019, before the Covid19 "plandemic" was even known to me , I now realised afterwards I should have kept up with daily pulsing of my blood like I did during the whole of 2020. I was experiencing such health and vitality that by the end of 2020 I lost focus and became a bit over-confident regarding my health and immune system. I started to step down from the almost daily pulsing sessions.

Early in July 2021 I got infected with Covid19 (Delta strain). I started using the pulsing device again daily together with prescribed medicines without any adverse effects (yes, I was tested positive).

Remember: please consult your GP should you contract Covid 19 for additional treatment. I used Ivermectin, Vitamin-D, Zinc, blood thinner and antibiotics that were also prescribed. I also used Colloidal Silver 50mL mixed with 3mL DMSO, a potent mix with antibacterial and anti-viral qualities to nebulize and keep my respiratory channels clean from furthre possib;le infections. Colloidal is the second element in the Beck Protocol.
(DMSO can be obtained from and is an excelent, harmless natural substance that is effective for lung problems and a variety of other contions ionluding cancer treatment. I can personally testify that you can clear sore thrat within minutes by gargling this stuff mixed with water.)

Please note that I am not giving medical advice to anyone, but this is how I relatively very overcame Covid19 (Delta strain) within three to four days! Is it possible that the ad-hoc pulsing I did once or twice a week contributed to a very low viral load? That was the question...

My first symptoms was a headache, followed by sore hamstring muscles and a bit of fever during night-time.

I started "spiking" again with renewed effort every day and kept on taking other medicines prescribed by my GP (who was well informed about alternative medicines like Ivermectin, vitamin-D, zinc etc.) All the symptoms cleared over a period of 36 hours and within two weeks I had my energy levels back to normal. Of course this experience quickly brought me back to reality, I am now using the device on a daily basis again. (Will I opt for the jab? Never!)

I wasn't sure about the effectiveness of the device against Covid19 due to the other treatments I took as well, but the following report is worth noting:

My son (36) who wasn't on any preventative protocol, contracted Covid19 and started to experience the initial symptoms on the exact same day I did. His exposure to covid19 was confirmed the previous week by a nurse he assisted next to the road at a vehicle accident. This could have been the source for my infection as well being in contact with him on a daily basis. The nurse phoned him the next day to inform him that she was tested positive. He immediately decided to put the Beck Protocol to the full test; without consulting a doctor or using any other medicines, he immediately started pulsing his blood three times a day for one hour per session, he also consumed 50mL of colloidal silver daily.

Apart from the initial headache and muscle tightness around the chest whilst visiting me on that day we experienced our first symptoms, he only had a running nose for a day or two following. That’s It! (Running nose is a typical sign of detoxification effect using the Blood Pulsing device and colloidal silver, this is normal and to be expected when you start using the device the first time).

Afterwards I contacted other friends and family who reportedly contracted Covid19 (12 people I had close contact with who each had a pulsing unit that I supplied to them). Six indicated that they have used the device at least on a semi-regular basis as a maintenance program. Each and everyone who have implemented the protocol to some extend did not get sick at all, or only experienced slight symptoms. They all got over the sickness relatively easy within a few days.

Others who have not been using the device (my wife included) unfortunately experienced much more severe infections and some entered the respiratory Sitokin storm and a few suffered from Pneumonia. Lingering effects (long-Covid) after-effects was evident for weeks or even months.

While this is by no means an extensive trial, I decided it is motivation enough for me to keep on with the protocol on a more regular basis.

Have you been lied to for years, being told there is no cure for Aids or Cancer and some other serious diseases, that to be vaccinated is the only way?

Do yourself a favour and listen to Dr Robert Beck's conference on YouTube, while it is still available, it will blow your mind!
Bob Beck -Granada Forum 1997

You can find a list of reported ailments that can be treated by the Beck Protocol, even terminal conditions successfully healed as reported via hundreds of testimonies on the internet, visit the following link:

Thank you for reading thus far, I trust you will benefit from this healing protocol to the same extend myself, my family and friends already did.

To your health!

Philip Smit
(NH. Dip - Electronic Eng.)
Website author and electronic developer